To Lie or To Tell The Truth

It seems so obvious, right? Tell the truth, of course. Don’t you read your bible? Lying is a sin! And yet…

There is a sinful attitude that I have noticed that is very prevalent in the area in which I live. OK, so maybe it’s everywhere, but I never saw it when I was a kid, maybe because as a kid I was completely blind to how adults function. But I digress. This attitude is seen when someone is clearly going through a difficult time and when asked, they respond “I am fine. Everything is fine.” Around here, this is seen as virtuous. “Oh, wow…she never complains about a single thing!”. However, being the inquisitive, and rather rude person that I am, I often want to ask them “Are you lying or just simply insane?” Because everything is not fine, even an idiot could see that. Why do we seldom speak the truth when we are in difficult situations?

Because we are so full of pride. Pride. I mean who wants to admit that we have been put in a situation where our faults ooze out every crack of our being? That suddenly, we are so aware of the fact that we are not “there” yet, that if we were to utter more than two short little sentences (I am fine. Everything is fine.) we would collapse into a messy pile of flesh. No, it’s much better to smile when people ask and give them assurance that we need no one and nothing is too hard for us.

That’s right. Go ahead, steal God’s glory.

What?!? Yep, it’s by far easier to fake it, than admit that we are only existing by the sheer grace of God. When does God get glory in our life? When we suffer and yet praise Him. Therefore I ask, can He get glory if we don’t admit that we suffer?



8 responses to “To Lie or To Tell The Truth

  • Kelli

    Wow! you hit the nail on the head with that one!!

  • JenIG

    Yes, my friend, but also, too, don’t you think that when most people ask “how are you?” it really is no more than an expected gesture of polite social behaviour? If somebody I barely knew asked me, “how are you?” if I said anything but the obligatory answer: “I’m fine”, it would put everybody in a weird awkward situation. Now if YOU asked me, “How are you?” you can be darn tootin’ sure that i’m gonna unload like i always do. but if my banker asks me that question on the wrong day, i’m gonna lie my head off for his benefit and for the sake of that line of people behind your emails keep bouncing back to me!!!

  • Letitia

    This bugs me, too. There’s also a flip side to this coin, though. Most people want you to say fine. They really don’t want to know how you are. They are too busy to stop and listen to problems. Besides, they have their own, so how bad could yours be. They don’t know how to respond either. I think in the south, if someone asks how you are, they are just greeting you; not really wanting to know how you are.There are only a very few people that I would really tell how I am! Even in our church about 15 years ago, when I went through an extremely huge crisis, they didn’t really want to know. After a few days, even my “friends” began to avoid me, because I wasn’t “fine”.

  • Letitia

    Along these “not fine” lines and of the other post….. Would you pray for me? I am feeling very frustrated with how disorganized life (ME) is. I have been trying to train and train in a certain area, and my train keeps derailing. The Lord is also doing something in our family’s life and future, which is happening to get a little “worrisome”. I don’t have a clue what He is up to, but there are all of these little pieces floating around that are making no sense at the moment. I am usually good with that…..but not this week. I’m stressing.

  • 4kidsin6years

    Ouch! Do you have a camera into my life right now? I’m sure that somewhere in the Bible there is a “it’s ok to do this when you are at a new church and don’t know anyone well enough to be completely honest about just how messed up you are yet” clause – I just have to find it! Guess I need to come up with a more honest answer. If you think of one, let me know:) Thanks for another convicting post!Blessings!-Jennifer in CA

  • Jennifer

    I found your blog through a comment JenIG made on Julesnpebbles’ blog “In the Light of Eternity.”And God knew I needed to read this today!! Very convicting and just the reminder that I needed right this very minute. Thank you!

  • Joyful Days

    I found my way through the “jennifer/Scraps and Snippets” the commenter above me. I, too, needed this. Blessings, Julie

  • Anonymous

    AMEN, amen and Amen!

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