Totally Cool Homeschool Resources!

As you all know, we are studying the Civil War. This week we studied the The Hunley, the civil war submarine, which was the first submarine to sink a ship in battle. I found a couple of resources that have really sparked our interest. The first is an audio book that we were able to download to our computer on loan from a digital service that our library offers. It is an incredible book. I highly recommend it! In fact, I recommend that you listen to it first, before visiting the site. It goes over all of the history and the recover of the sub, thus laying the ground work for the information on the site.

Secrets of a Civil War Submarine

The next resource a website devoted to the history and the recovery of the Hunley. It has some amazing pictures and also lesson plans!

Friends of The Hunley

The museum is in South Carolina, which is not too far from us. It is definitely a field trip we hope to take some day!



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  • Anonymous

    I have NO idea where you live– but we live “close” to Gettysburg–so if you decide on a FIELD TRIP– let me know– I’d LOVE to meet you, IRL!!! I know probably not– but how cool would that be!!?!My son (7) is a Civil War “freak”—it bothers me at times HOW much he LOVES the Civil War– actually it has died down a bit–but only becuase he is in a “football” season right now. (not real– just his imginary team).. 😉mominpa!!

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