Practically Speaking: Dry Skin

One thing that was new to me, when I moved to the South, was extremely dry skin. Particularly my hands, which were known to crack and bleed every winter. Totally painful and not fun. I tried everything. All the different types of lotions at Stuff Mart, homemade lotion bars, homemade, super-fatted soap, commercial body wash, oil and herb mixtures, paraffin hand dips…everything! But I always ended up with several fingers wrapped in band aids, with triple anitbiotic ointment. Really attractive. Last year, I decided to spend big. I was desperate and thought that maybe the high end products would work, so I splurged.The grand total for these suckers was almost $50, which I told myself was pretty much what I spend annually on band aids and ointment. And it worked. For about 2 hours everyday, my hands were so incredibly soft. But the end result was failure. Maybe I was supposed to put it on every couple of hours, but it felt like I was rubbing gold on and frankly, my hands aren’t worth that.

So this year, I decided to use a stick of coco butter that I had left over from my soap making adventure (oh boy, is that another post!). I keep it by my bed and each night for the past 3 weeks, I have religiously applied it to my hands. Nothing miraculous happened, but I can see improvement. Real improvement, in the middle of the day even. So I have expanded my usage by keeping a stick in the kitchen. I use it after I clean the kitchen, which happens about 7 times a day. (That is actually a real figure and not one of my notorious exaggerations.)

This is how is works. I pop the coco butter stick out of it’s little nifty tube and hold in my hand for about 30 seconds, sometimes a little longer. The heat of my hand begins to melt the butter. Then I rub it vigorously over my hands and return it to it’s little nifty tube. I continue to rub my hands together until they no longer feel greasy, but simply soft. I highly recommend it. Not only because it is working, but because it’s cheap. Very cheap. You can find it at the Family Dollar store for a whopping $1.65. I love cheap stuff that works well!



2 responses to “Practically Speaking: Dry Skin

  • Kelli

    How awesome! I like Nutragena Intense Therapy Creme, but it makes my hands fell weird. I'll have try coco butter. I didn't know you could just buy it cheap somewhere. I figured it came from some specialty store.

  • Anonymous

    oh my goodness– how FUNNY is this– I have terrible hand skin issues each winter too…and guess what I got out (because it was the ONLY lotion left in the ENTIRE HOUSE, how did that happen?) The coco butter– exact same brand you posted…mine is a cream not a stick though– and you are right– they are NOT perfect– but I haven't had to use bandaids and ointment either!!! LOL

    No wonder we enjoy each others blogs so much…. we have so many “oddities” in common!!


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