Daylight Savings Time

I am one of the very few people that love Daylight Savings Time. What do I hear around 6 am? (hint: It’s not Number Two yelling “MOMMY!”)


OK, I don’t really hear chirping. Instead of hearing crickets, which in my state are alive and well in the heat of “fall”, I hear nothing except the occasional running of the refrigerator. Nice. Very nice.



2 responses to “Daylight Savings Time

  • mskelli

    love your new look! I especially like the stuff to check at the bottom. I am getting so used to FB that I want to “like” everything I read and like 🙂

  • Mominpa


    Did you do your new layout!! WOW!! That is SUPER NICE!!

    I too like the options at the bottom— although a comment is sometimes still warrented!! 🙂

    All that to say– YES– this morning I had to wake 2 of my kiddos up for breakfast!! LOVE IT!

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