Compliments of the Best Kind

I am an optimist. Not a sunny optimist, but an optimist all the same. I tend to see the good as out weighing the bad and because of that, I tend to be very vocal with my kids about what a good job they are doing, whatever they happen to be doing. I didn’t know I was like this, until my children began to talk. Number One would frequently say “You doing a good job, Daddy/Mommy!” We thought it was just his personality until The Girl Child came along and we noticed that she said the same sort of things. Now that Number Two is talking a blue streak (and folks, I do mean a blue streak. Never, ever, ever have I heard so many questions!) he is often praising his older siblings and even occasionally, Number Three. Just the other morning he told me, “Number Three is a cute boy.” (OK, he used his real name but this is bloggy world and thus, edited)

I like that. I want them to learn early on that they need to speak to one another so as to edify, build each other up.

Yesterday, I had the great privileged of teaching the 3rd chapter of John to the ladies Sunday School class at church. As we were leaving, one of the older ladies gave me a superb compliment that was truly edifying. She said, “You sure know your bible!”

OK, wow. That almost made me cry. That is right up there with my husband comparing me with Martin Luther, the reformer. 😉 And it made me want to know my bible all the more. I hope that when I am gone, it will be truthfully said of me “She knew her bible and obeyed it.”

John 14:15

“If you love Me, keep My commandments.”



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