The Most Exciting Time of Year

I love this time of year. No, it’s not the spring fuzzies that many get when the time changes or the flowers start to bloom, though I do like those things and enjoy them. Nope. For me, this time of year is my planning phase, and I am a planning type of gal. I like structure. My kids like structure. Our family thrives on structure. And the more we begin to study detailed science, the more we are seeing that God has provided a ton of examples of structure in this world that He created. We recently watched a video that deals with how our bodies amino acids to form proteins and I was literally left in amazement at the intricacy of it all. I gave a brief moment to entertaining the idea of becoming a scientist when I retire, but then my passion for economics took over.

So we are structured, but it’s not a rigid structure. It’s more like those flexible buildings that are designed to withstand earthquakes. The main point of their design is to stand on firm ground, unbending, but should outside stress come, they can move enough that their foundations and subsequent structures are not seriously harmed. That’s how I design my homeschool. My philosophy is instilling in my children a tremendous love of learning, but that’s another post.

I am currently in the throws of ironing out all the details of our next school year. It’s fun to look at each child, where they excel, where they struggle and come up with ways of teaching that will help/push them toward success. And of course, it has to mesh with my teaching style.

Because of our fondness for visible structure, I always lean toward curriculum that is structured. Recently I mentioned the study Firm Foundations, and yes, it too is fairly structured. I ordered the children’s curriculum and found that there is quite a bit of teacher prep/study required. That’s OK because our core curriculum (Sonlight) requires very little teacher prep (yet it is very organized). Hallelujah!

My brain is running in a thousand different directions and I love it. My notebook is my best friend right now.



2 responses to “The Most Exciting Time of Year

  • Luke

    [smile] Enjoy the planning, and may next year be your best time homeschooling yet!


  • MarshaMarshaMarsha

    I have been thinking about next year too. Trying to decide between sticking with Mystery of History Vol 1 (which we LOVE) or Sonlight's Core 5 (just the history and readers). What to do, what to do?

    MOH is so easy to just pick up, read, discuss, watch a video or extra books.

    But Sonlight. How I do love their missions focus!

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